Me, the week I learned to paint, 1998.

       I started painting in 1998 on a trip to Mexico and never stopped. In 1999 I began spending winters attending art school at Michoacan's state university.  The rest of my art education came from  Art2Life programs and various workshops. 

        Originally I was a portrait and landscape painter, but in 2014 I switched  almost exclusively to abstracts. I love color and geometric designs and much of my work is influenced by textiles and my quilt-making background.

        My paintings are many-layered and mixed-media. My goal is to give viewers plenty to look at so they take their minds off their problems and hopefully connect with a pleasant place inside. 

         I have an additional site with different art that can be made into prints, cards, coffee mugs, shower curtains and more:

         I post daily on Instagram and that's the best place to see my most current work.

        For the foreseeable future I'm painting in Morelia. 

        Thanks for your interest!