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Hola! Thanks for visiting my website.


I am primarily a painter of geometric abstracts with a color obsession. 


When I start a painting, I try not to have a plan in advance because anything I plan goes out the window once I get underway. One color will call for another color and then another one that I didn’t expect. On different days, different colors appeal to me. It's the same with shapes.

I always have a few works going at once. Four is a good number. When a color looks good on one, I usually add it to them all. Or I may pick up one painting and press it against the others. In that way, paintings I work on together hang well together. 

Eventually each canvas will be covered and then I’ll repaint it. I need to put two or three or more layers of paint (or paint and collage) before I’m satisfied. Those first layers are the wild part of my process. Then I decide what geometric pattern to paint on top. 

The geometric shapes take the most time because I like crisp edges and I often change my mind about the colors. I tape and retape the shapes. I use a lot of tape. A lot. 

Once all the colors and shapes please me, I use a sander to remove some of the top layers of paint. This can be a little scary, but the random glimpses of the undercoats add a lot of subtle interest. Sometimes I get carried away with the sander and need to do some repainting. But that also builds character.

The most important part of the process is patience. Each painting can work out eventually.  It’s a lot like solving a puzzle — there’s concentration, frustration, and finally joy.

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Me in my Morelia, Mexico studio, 2022
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