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Commission Guidelines Cyndie Katz 4/2023

(for customers in US and Canada*) 


I would love to create a piece of abstract art just for you. Here is how it works: 


  • I can accept commissions for 2023 until August 15, 2023.


  • I work on cradled wood panels** which come in many sizes. Here is a link to Blick Studio Wood Panels. Scroll down to see all the different sizes.

  • The smallest size for a commission is 20x20 inches or 400 (your painting doesn’t have to be square).

  • The biggest size panel I can physically work on is 48x48 inches. If you want something larger, consider a diptych or triptych. 

  • The biggest size I’m comfortable shipping is 36x36 inches. If you want something larger, consider a diptych or triptych. 

  • The cost is $1.00 per square inch plus the cost of the panel. For example a 36x36 inch painting costs 36x36x1.00=$1296 plus $104.58 (price of panel) for a total price of $1400.58. 

  • Half the price is due in advance and the other half before delivery or shipping. There can be many photos in between. 

  • Most important will be your input with references to abstract works of mine that you like and your preferred colors. 

  • Photos of the room and space where the painting will hang are helpful.

Contact  me with your questions or requests.

*The materials, measurements, and pricing are different in Mexico. 

**Why I like wood panels: They are a sturdy support for all the methods I use like applying many layers of paint, adding collage elements, and using a palm sander to reveal lower layers. Although it’s possible to frame wood panels, it’s unnecessary as the sides are attractive either as plain wood or painted. Panel sides are 1 ½ or 2 ½ inches. 

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