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Little Boxes of Happiness
Little Box of Happiness 1.jpg
Little Box of Happiness 3.jpg
Little Box of Happiness 2.jpg
Little Box of Happiness 4.jpg

These paintings were made in Mexico, not New England where I also paint. In Mexico, I get my wood surfaces and frames from carpenters who make them in small shops with basic tools. The results are cruder than the supports I order from large art suppliers in the US, but they have a definite character to them which may not appeal to everyone.  I did a lot of sanding on these, and I know that might put some people off. But it heightens the nostalgia somehow and brings me to a happy time when I was little or my kids were little and we were attracted by bright colors and wanted our blocks to balance until we didn't and they all fell down and we started again. Happy times. Hence the title. 

acrylic on framed wood panel / 9x9in / $250 each

IMG_0041 (1).jpg
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