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     I started this painting in Mexico in 2021 with many pieces of collaged papers that I'd hand-painted and some handwritten scraps from a notepad of my good friend Lucille who had recently died. (I often use random samples of handwriting in my collages.) In the process of carving out the star, all Lucille's writing got covered up and I forgot that it was even there. But when I returned to Mexico after six months in the US, her writing had bled through which felt both fun and mysterious and I left it.

    After six more months in Mexico, I went back to the US, and when I returned in 2023, there was no sign of the writing and, in fact, I had forgotten about it, and didn't remember why I left all the negative spaces cloudy. It was only after I'd painted them over, that I saw a post of my mine about the words.

      My point is, Lucille is in this painting. I'm sure of it. But I promise, she's a good spirit. A very good spirit. And don't worry, I have other work that her spirit inhabits that I'm keeping. 

mixed media on wood panel / 20x20x1in with turquoise sides / $725

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