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Painted Patchwork You Can Read

What do you think about text in a painting? I used it in this painted patchwork, because I liked how the orderliness of the tiny lines contrasted with the wide pink zigzags and I thought the natural color of the paper fit with the mostly warm colors of the paint. The text is also interesting, if one bothers to read it.

If you saw this hanging somewhere, would you try and read the text even though it goes every which way, and some of it is upside-down? I didn't read it before I glued it (using acrylic gloss medium) because I had to work fast and didn't want to get distracted, plus it's fun to be surprised. And I was surprised. Pleasantly!

The text is all from the book A Natural History of Love by Diane Ackerman which I found at a beach motel in the take-one-leave-one library. It was written in 1994. I love putting disparate types of scraps together. And this book was a real find. Interesting phrases show up no matter how I cut it.

Men and Cars, Love and Magic / 48x48in. / mixed media on wood panel / $4000

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