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When In Maine

In May/June and September, I paint on Matinicus Island in Maine. It's 22 miles off the coast and gets a lot of rough weather. Last January was particularly hard on it. Two storms came from an unusual direction and tore huge chunks away from the shore, destroyed the most iconic building, and washed tons (TONS) of beams, logs, trees, and bone-sized pieces of drift onto the beaches and rocks.

Among the debris, I found pieces of flat board with interesting shapes and used them for canvases. I took my colors from the lobster traps, lines, and buoys that abound -- Matinicus is famous for its lobster grounds.

I've always loved how the bright colors of that industry stand out, particularly on foggy days or when seen against the weathered wharves.

I don't have names for these pieces yet, and I'm back to painting in New Hampshire where I have different inspirations. But in September I'll return to the island and will no doubt add to this series then.

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