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Untethered Series
Untethered 1.jpg
Untethered 1
Untethered 3.jpg
Untethered 3
Untethered 2.jpg
Untethered 2
Untethered 4.jpg
Untethered 4

This series came about as part of an exercise devised by the folks at Art2Life. Participants chose a word that they wanted their art to feel like, or maybe how we wanted ourselves to feel when we were making the art -- I can't quite remember. I wanted to get away from using tape to make my shapes. It may sound silly, but I was a little afraid of doing that because sharp edges were fundamental to my practice. But these paintings emerged and I was featured on a live video. Later I made a 48x48 inch painting in the same style with the same colors. I'm not offering that for sale quite yet. 

I made these in Mexico and the cradled wood panels are slightly rustic / irregular. They were made for me by hand with non-commerical tools. The sides are painted black and they're ready to hang. 

mixed media on cradled wood panels / 12x12in / $425 each

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