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My Process

Welcome to my Morelia studio.

Here are three works in progress in my favorite sizes. The large painting is 48x48 inches (122x122cm) and is still in the might-not-work-out stage. The little one in my right hand is 8x8in (20x20 cm) and awaiting a frame.

The one in my left hand is 16x16in (40x40cm) and today I’ll use it to explain my process.

The first step is to cover my board with acrylic paint or a combination of paint and collage. I’ve gone particularly wild with the collage on this one. Then, using tape -- I use blue tape because it comes off the roll easily and the color makes me happy -- I make geometric shapes.

Next, before I paint a shape, I apply a layer of clear gel medium. This prevents any paint from creeping under the tape.

In the large painting behind me, you can see that some of the large triangles are opaque and some are transparent. To make opaque shapes I first paint 2-3 layers of white.

It takes time to make paintings with so many steps since each layer has to dry. That’s why I have at least three paintings going at once.

One of my favorite collage elements is text torn from discarded books. Because the edges of my stars and triangles are crisp, I like the edges of my collaged pieces to be ragged for contrast.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY 2023!!!! (If you'd like to receive this blog as an email, sign up for my newsletter here: Subscribe).

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